WebMorf Discretion Policy

The social media world is complicated and cut-throat.

It's important to show that you are an authority in your area and
this may include the content that is displayed on your web pages.
Basically... What's on your site has been created by you!

Copyrights play a huge part in online content, often with massive
sums of money being paid out for illegal use of copyrighted content.

We guarantee that all content created by us becomes 'your'
intellectual property once it has been paid for and passed to you
and you hold and retain all rights to this content.

We guarantee that any content created by us will be
used solely for the purpose for which is was created
and will not be used for any other purpose.

We will (upon request) hold a legal copy of any content created
by us in order to back up any possible claims agains you and to
prove your case in the event of any claims against you.

We don't display costs on the site to prevent anyone from
ascertaining what a creator may have paid for the
content displayed on their web pages.