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Back-links: Still a top factor in page ranking!

Backlinks – A few ideas

Get Good quality backlinksBack-links are still one of the top factors that affect search engine rankings (and therefore SERP’s) and also one of the best ways to get referral traffic.  There are many ways to get back-links, but not so many to get good, appropriate back-links.  Nowadays, more than ever before, it ‘does’ matter where the links to your site are originating.  This is a really important factor in acquiring ‘quality’ effective backlinks to your site.

Back-links on sites such as Hub-Pages, Ezines or Squidoo etc. don’t cut it anymore.  These sites were originally set up to promote hobbies and niche areas, but were absolutely wrecked by underhand internet marketing techniques and they are still feeling the effect.  However, simply writing a few articles on your subject and adding your links in the author and bio boxes will always help.

Blog commenting always works well as you can focus on appropriate sites and even if comment links are no-follow, they still count as a link from a ‘similar’ site.

When creating links to your website from another site, always try to use text for the link which is a top keyword for your site wherever possible.  When text is used in links, it is referred to as the ‘anchor’ text, but always vary the anchor text; don’t just use the same one over and over as this will negate that link effectiveness.

It can be quite a monotonous task creating the 1000′s of back-links needed to help with a good Page rank and I usually ‘outsource’ this task for my niche sites.  It takes up just too much time which could be used for more important things, not that back-links are not important; but I prefer to do more ‘exciting’  things.

There are some ‘major’ pages that shouldn’t be missed out on and these are sites which can be easily added-to by yourself.


Google for current discussion forums in your niche area and then register and start participating in as many various discussion forums as possible.  Simply post links to your site while solving others problems!  Don’t forget to add a link to your site in your forum’s signature.

Google Profile:

Google allows you to create your very own profile page.  Just use the link and create your own profile page, add a picture and some  text about yourself and then add your website links.

MSN Articles:

MSN is updated every single day with news and articles on just about every subject going.  To get a back-link, simply comment on an  article!

Yahoo Answers:

This takes a little more work initially, but if you are looking to become an ‘authority’ on any particular subject, this is a great way to get started.  You have to answer around 20 questions or more, but then you can get a good ranking back-link.

There are many free backlink assistance sites and backlink tools available and I’m not going to make a list here as they change often on a daily basis however any ‘spare time’ spent submitting to any backlink site would not be wasted time and even a few, every day will greatly improve your web presence.

I will end with a few points on what back-link strategies not to use…

  • Avoid site wide links from the footer area in WordPress themes or plugins
  • Avoid buying exact anchor text links (always use anchor text variation)
  • Avoid buying bulk links from sites like Fiverr
  • Definitely opt-out of link networks.
  • Avoid BlogRoll links
  • Article directory links are not that effective anymore


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