At WebMorf no project is too big… or small!


Here at WebMorf we’re happy to take on any job from the smallest of tasks, such as writing small snippets of code, for example, to make social media mouse-overs work or to position some content for mobile viewing etc. to simple tasks such as setting up Twitter or Facebook pages (including all images etc) through to full bespoke website CMS/eCommerce systems.

We can design and create personal websites through to professional multi-lingual sites and everything in between. We can build these from your initial idea advising and recommending as we go along, or we can build to your exact specific requirements down to the last pixel and always advise along the way as to the best way ahead.


Here’s some of our recent projects

This was one of our largest projects and was for the full installation, set up and major modifications to a basic dating site script for a WordPress platform. Major design, layout and process flow modifications were made to the software which was installed to the main domain and to nine sub-domains, each with an individual installation on each sub-domain. Major modifications were made to all the basic site functions to improve the functionality and all layouts were designed and implemented to exacting specifications with advisory suggestions given throughout project which were all accepted and implemented. Server work was also included in this project to make the site work properly and included upgrading all sites and plesk pages to https, php upgrades, server security apps installed including anti-malware and anti-virus scripts and a backup set up ad scheduled. All social media sites were set up and integrated and initial site submission to search engines and initial on and off-page SEO was done. This is a huge project and, as at August 2018, is still ongoing.

WebMorf Portfolio -

This project was from May 2018 and included a full site design and set up to exact certain specifications including installation of a WordPress platform, designing, writing and implementing the theme, making all settings, adding all plugins and widgets and adding all page and post content as given for the initial start date. Theme included a slider in the header and social media inclusion as directed.

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This project, from Jan 2018, was for major modifications to a Skadate dating site which uses Oxwall software which included site flow and theme layout modifications. All scripts written needed to be update-friendly and the project included installation of a full page slider on the front page with software options adding to the admin area to activate it when needed, including setting up text to all images and implementing the exploding text effect to the bottom of the page. This project also included server and Control panel modifications including setting up https to make the site secure, adding a backup drive, adding anti-malware and anti-virus scripts and php and cron modifications to make the site work properly.

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HES Facebook Page

As we said, no job is too big, or small. This project was to set up a Facebook page including designing the logo and header to certain specifications. Specifications were given and we advised alternative images.

WebMorf PortFolio - HES Facebook Page


This project was for an individuals personal website.  We were given exact specifications as to colours, fonts and layout and these were maintained throughout the design and build. The theme was made responsive and uploaded for the owner and his content was added with a number of revisions made. Initial SEO and site indexing was made and requested plugins were added and set up.

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Beelsby Model Flying Club

Another small job for a local model flying club, this project was to design, write and instal a basic WordPress theme to exact specifications but improvise where necessary where omissions had been made. We included ‘Flash’ clouds in the header and provided the modified logos and animated gifs and improved on the header images. We uploaded all initial content to pages and posts and installed all requested plugins. Some site modifications have since been made by the owners.

WebMorf Portfolio - Beelsby Model Flying Club


This project was to design an create to an initial idea and advise and recommend where necessary and most recommendations were accepted. Project included installing wordpress platform and making all settings, including installing and settings up all plugins and widgets as required. Email accounts were set up and server work carried out to upgrade the php version. All pages and posts were created with the content given and initial indexing and SEO was carried out. Some site modifications have since been done by the owners.

WebMorf Portfolio - RWSBrokers


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