Taxi App


Are you a taxi company owner?

Are you using every means possible to generate revenue?


We are the sole agents in the UK for this taxi app which will be available for use in the UK very shortly. This app could increase the revenue for you and your drivers, and give you the edge over your competition!


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Main benefits:

  • Increase revenue by using the app
  • Increase professionalism of the taxi company
  • Increase driver interest in the company because of the app
  • Increase confidence in the company because of safety measures in the app such as customer info about taxi/pickup etc
  • Increase revenue for drivers
  • Drivers need individual registration key to register with app so no other drivers can get access to the app without this key
  • When you buy the app, you buy full ownership including all rights to the app
  • The taxi company has full control of finances

For comparison

A Uber driver completes on average 2 trips per hour with an average price of £18.00.
If a Uber driver works 30 hours per week, that is 30 x 18 = £1080 per week – £56,000 p/a.
These are ‘average figures’ taken from the Uber site.

Think of the potential to an existing taxi company if you take these average figures from Uber and apply them to the workload of your drivers.

Administrator Features:


Book On-Demand or later. The system will automatically process the ride request and dispatch ride later requests to available drivers.

Social media integration

Users app is integrated with Social media that allows easy registration, login and even sharing ride details.

In app navigation

User and driver can track their ride status in ‘turn by turn navigation’ by using in the app GPS function which is powered by Google/Waze.

Surge pricing

Administrators can define different prices for specific times such as peak or night time hours etc. Users are notified in the app if surge pricing is active.

Secure payment systems

All bank card information is stored by the payment gateway providers (PayPal etc.). All other details related to payments are stored in encrypted form in the database for ‘secured payment processes’.

Promotion and referral codes

Users can use promotional codes to get discount on their rides. A user will earn a ‘good referral’ (defined by the App owner) and this will generate more users for the App owner.

User wallet

This enables a user to use money from their wallet when they don’t want to use direct cash or credit card. Administrators can top up users wallets and the user can also top up their wallet via credit card and PayPal.

Admin Panel Features:

All administrators can manage the following:

Taxi rides
And any other admin features set up
Set and view site commissions earned
Manage site SEO and analytics settings
Create multiple car types, makes and models
Create multiple locations/areas and update fare system for each
View and manage reviews and ratings
God’s-eye view of users and drivers

User Features:

Ride estimation

Users can get a free fare estimate before the ride commences to see how much they are likely to be charged. This is based on the car type, the journey distance, the location and the destination.

Instant alert on ride status

Users can get an instant alert in the event of any major updates of their rides in the form of notifications.

Estimated time of arrival

Users can know the accurate arrival time of ‘driver to user’ location before and after completion of booking.

Transaction tracking

User can see their transaction history and previous ride history and invoices in list form and in detailed view. The transaction history will also include route detail, Tips and billing amount.

Cash, wallet and payment gateways

Users can make payments by using cash, wallet and via online payment gateways such as PayPal etc.

Detailed Ride History

Ride history shows the details of pick up and drop-off locations, ride and waiting times, distance travelled, tips (if any) and fare break-down.

Driver Features:

Bank account can be added for direct payments

Drivers can add their bank account details into the app allowing administrators to transfer drivers earnings directly into the account details entered.

Driver dashboard

In the drivers dashboard, the driver is able to see the last trip details, today tips, today earnings, their ratings, the car type, number etc.

Multiple car category

The driver can accept rides from all users irrespective of the car category. This way they are able to use multiple rides (where available).

Go online/offline

Drivers can manage their online/offline status in just one click. Drivers will receive ride requests only when they are online.

Instant alert on ride

Ride requests are received on the driver app instantly a user sends. The driver can accept or reject the ride request sing one click.

In-app payment details

Drivers have instant access to the status of all their earnings through app.



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