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SPAM for June 2018

SPAM at, how ‘not’ to post a comment

Daniel here, just a quick word on how not to post comments!

For the first week in June, I was absolutely ‘plagued’ with SPAM comments from a number of spammers all trying to gain links mainly to the same .mobi and .ch sites.  There were 194 in total and I spammed the lot!

They applied a variation to nearly every post on the blog and must have worn their spinner out!  I can’t believe that this is still getting past the filters in 2018!

Here’s a selection of some of the spam which shows how not to post a comment. (p.s. the spelling mistakes are not mine, it’s exactly how the comments were typed!)

Comment: Exceedingly interesting cheers, I do think your trusty audience may possibly want more blog posts of this nature maintain the good hard work.

Comment: Truly illuminating bless you, I do think your followers would most likely want a whole lot more information such as this keep up the great effort.

Comment: Rather illuminating many thanks, I’m sure your current visitors might just want a lot more items like that continue the good effort.

Comment: Really challenging cheers, I do think your visitors may perhaps want significantly more content similar to this maintain the great content.

Comment: Truly extremely beneficial thank you, I thought your prescrivers can most want much more great written posts along these subjects continue on the much hard work.

Comment: Extremely beneficcial bless you, I presume your subscribers could very well want considerably more well ritten articles along these lines carry on the great hard work.

Comment: Fantastically challenging cheers, I do believe your visitors would probably want conciderably more posts such as this maintain the great effort.

Comment: incredibly illuminating thanks, It is my opinion your current followers will probably want far more items of this nature carry on the excellent content.

Comment: Outstandingly enlightening bless you, There’s no doubt that your audience could very well want more reviews of this nature keep up the good work.

Comment: Extraordinarily educative bless you, It is my opinion your audience could very well want far more content similar to this continue the excellent hard work.

Comment: Genuinely insightful thanks many, I do think your trusty audience could perhaps want conciderably more well written articles of this nature maintain the great effort.

Comment: Truly beneficial cheers, I believe your readers may very well want conciderably more writing along these lines keep up the excellent content.

Comment: Particularly good cheers, I presume your readers might want way more stories similar to this carry on the great content.

Comment: Highly illuminating cheers, I presume your trusty visitors may want significantly more posts of this nature carry on the great effort.

Comment: Incredibly educative thanks, There’s no doubt that your trusty readers may perhaps want a good deal more information like this maintain the excellent hard work.

Comment: Outstandingly useful thank you, I reckon your trusty audience may well want way more reviews along these lines maintain the excellent hard work.

Comment: Incredibly interesting bless you, I presume your readers would possibly want a great deal more articles such as this continue the excellent hard work.

Comment: Highly challenging cheers, There’s no doubt that your current visitors would probably want a great deal more reviews like that keep up the good work.

Comment: Awfully educational thank you, There’s no doubt that your visitors could very well want a great deal more writing of this nature keep up the excellent hard work.

Well… you get the message, and that’s just a few variations …and on and on… and on they went!

And the spammers were:

John Jefferson

Tim Jefferson

Michael Jefferson

Gabriel Jefferson

Johnny Jefferson.

Michael Cole

Andrew Cole

Johnny Cole

Johnny Smith

Johhny Anderson

John Smith

Tim Smith

Gabriel Anderson

Andrew Smith

I mean; a comment like: ‘Exceedingly educative bless you, There’s no doubt that your trusty audience may possibly want way more stories like this carry on the exceptionally great effort’

…on a ‘Privacy Policy’ page?

Hmmm!  Never knew my Privacy Policy was such a good read!   :0)

Ok, so we know what’s going on here guys, but it’s a non-starter on my sites!  Generally speaking, around 98% of these types of comments will be ‘spammed’ or ‘junked’.  What a waste of time!

Other spam comments this month included this ‘pearl’ from a guy call Adam Findlay-Brown, also on my blog Privacy Page:

‘This post is so educative its kept my blog going just by linking to it’

Erm… I don’t think so Adam!  — SPAM!!   :0)

I’m all for backlinks, but if you want a comment to appear and stay on this blog, make it suitable and appropriate!

I was also plagued with emails from ‘Allison Holmes’ spamming her Windows, Office and Adobe software.  She uses an email address ending in ‘’ and she must live in Disneyland if she thinks I’m going to pay the extortionate prices being asked through her spam emails!

I also received a spam comment from someone who totally cocked it up and left the spun alternatives in the comment!!  Which read:

{Simply|Just} {want to|wish to|desire to} say your article is as{astonishing|amazing|surprising|astounding}. The {clearness|clarity} in your post is {simply|just} {spectacular|nice|excellent|cool|great} and i {can|could} assume {you are|you’re} an …

Its like you read my mind! You appear to know so much about this, like you wrote the book in it or something. I think that you can do with some pics to drive the message home a bit, but instead of that, this is excellent blog. An excellent read. I’ll …

HaHa!!  Better luck next time ‘Mike’!!

(I’ll be really kind and spare your surname on this occasion!)

To end…

Never feel sorry about SPAMMING crappy comments!  The thoughtless, misguided, sometimes just plain dead stupid spammers that send this stuff out cause site owners a lot of time that could be spent on better things other than ticking spam boxes and deleting!!

Just SPAM it, confirm …and smile!! :0)


P.S.  Was this was a little harsh – or was it not harsh enough? Let me know in the comments below.

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