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Logo design at WebMorfWe can’t stress how important an effective, professional logo is for any business.  A logo should create a favourable, memorable association with a particular brand character. It is the initial impression most people see of a business.

Any business logo should have immediate impact.  It should be sharp, clear, easy to remember and relevant to the business it represents.  There are many factors to consider in the design of a logo including the colors, typefaces and shapes of the elements used and the style and culture of the business it represents.

The best logos are often the simplest ones which are easy to remember.  Good logos withstand the test of time.  For example, the HMV (His Master’s Voice) logo was first used in 1910 but can still be seen and recognised today and is still relevant to the business.

Colours express meaning and have emotions associated with them and we try our best to implement appropriate colours to suit the nature of the business.  A logo should be designed to become associated with the value of the business or brand it represents.

A logo should be a core identifier of any business.  More than a mere visual mark, it is the face of the business so it should be appropriate, original and memorable.

We create logos in a number of sizes and web formats from the small 16×16 pixel favicon to large full page images.

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