Static websites

HTML at WebMorfSometimes, you just want a static website and the best way to do this is to use HTML.  Yes, PHP can do more than HTML regarding content management as it can be used for dynamic scripts and content but for static content, HTML is still the winner, and much quicker to render than PHP.

Regardless of what language was used to create them, all websites contain HTML and all websites are rendered in HTML, so for a static content site, HTML and its variants has to be the top choice.  Nowadays, many people refer to HTML as ‘simple html’ but there is nothing simple about it.  It is a superb language to use for building a website and is the ‘building blocks’ of all web pages.

It allows you to put images, text, videos, forms and other pieces of content together in a cohesive webpage.

PHP, CSS, Javascript and HTML was used to create this website but anything and everything you read on it is being delivered to you by your browser in HTML.

We can create any design, any template and any layout using just HTML and its latest variants (such as HTML5). We will even add your content for you. Just create it, give it to us, and we’ll set everything up.

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