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Motivate yourself!I want to change my lifestyle!

I hear this sentence many times.  And the following year, I hear it again, and some years later, I hear it yet again – from the same people. Why haven’t they changed their lifestyle? Because of one main thing… They haven’t changed their mindset!

I’ve said this many times before and I say it again, the way to get started is simply this…

Stop talking about it – start doing it!

Simply stop whatever you are doing, and start doing what it is that you want to make happen.

This sounds all very easy but there are many obstacles to overcome and the very first, is your mindset. Before you can get on with any task or purpose, you first have to trust in yourself, believe you can do it – and trust that you will.

Again, this all sounds straight forward, but our minds are very habitual and it’s very difficult to suddenly change the way we think and put the effort in at the same time in a clear and concise way to make it work.

Something else I say in just about every meeting… take it back to basics.

This is the most effective way of thinking. If you have multiple ideas all whizzing round in your head, take the basic idea and forget everything else (for now).  Think on the basic idea… and think of the basic outcome.

This is one of the main thoughts you need to keep thinking of; the outcome… the ‘positive’ outcome!

What is the point of your thoughts and effort?
What is your desired outcome?

Keep thinking of this outcome – on a daily basis. Sounds easy but your level of motivation determines how long you will keep this image in your mind. If you find yourself losing the big picture, get yourself back to basics and the original idea.

The bottom line is you need to start doing whatever it is you want to make happen and you need to keep it as simple as possible. If you suddenly have 5 things you need to do, just pick the logical first one, do it and then move on to the next… don’t even think about the next things until you are ready to do them! This sounds obvious, but so few people keep to it.  Keep to it, and everything will fall into place.

One problem I am often faced with as a programmer is being half way through one thing and then realising I need another thing in place before I can finish the first thing. This is part of the job and can’t be helped, but again… take it back to basics, forget about the first thing before you’ve finished the other thing, then you can go back to the fist thing to finish it.

Your mindset is everything to your success. I’ve put that in red because it is the main attribute you need to become a success and without it you will fail. You need to train your mind, educate it and nurture it using positive thoughts.

How do you do this?

Set yourself the task of motivating yourself – every single day. Only you can motivate yourself. Nobody else can do it for you! Yes, it is other things that motivate you be it music, motivational speeches, other people, animals etc. but YOU have to make yourself connect to these things.

You can listen to motivational speakers or music, read motivational books, go to self awareness meetings etc. and these are all great and I recommend doing all of them but at the end of the day, it’s ‘you’ who has to make yourself do these things, go to these things and make the effort to soak up the knowledge or the feeling being passed on.

You alone can make yourself want to improve your mind.

Ask yourself…

How bad do you want what you want?
Do you really want it?

If so, then ‘Do something about it’ … make it happen!

Because I can guarantee you one thing 99% of the time…

If you don’t make it happen, nobody else is going to do it for you!


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