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Affordable, Professional Web Programmers!
We have a Portfolio of 150+ websites and 100+ mobile apps.

We excel in the following:

PHP, WordPress, Magento, Shopify, OpenCart, Android, IPhone, Woocommerce, Ecommece, html5, PHP web development, WordPress plugin development, Mobile Responsive site development, Bootstrap, CSS, jQuery, Customization of PHP/MYSQL based scripts, Premium themes and templates wordpress, Drupal, shopify, etc.

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Web Server Services

Affordable, Professional WebServer specialists!
Over 40 years experience. We can instal any php script.

Fully experienced in:

RHEL, CentOS, CloudLinux, Ubuntu, Debian, FreeBSD and Windows dedicated servers, Azure, Amazon, AWS, Google Cloud, Nginx, Apache, Lighttpd, LiteSpeed, VPS - OpenVZ, KVM, Xen, Hyper-V, SolusVM, ProxMox, Docker, RancherOS, Linux, Cpanel Server Setup, Server Security - csf/maldet, PHP - Script Installation, Custom coding, Laravel Ffmpeg, Youtube Clone installation, WHMCS installation, Windows server setup.

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Article Marketing – The Basics

article marketingArticle marketing is still classed as a set-and-forget system, and that is essentially what it is. It still holds good prospects for making money online if the associated elements are all in place such as landing/sales pages, lists, follow-ups etc.

Continual changes in search engine algorithms now mean that old techniques are not as powerful as they used to be and while there is some truth in the statement that the more articles you write, the more traffic you’ll see and the more money you’ll make, it’s not entirely true!

The most important (crucial) aspect in article writing is making the content original and compelling. If nobody is interested in your article, or your content doesn’t make readers want to act on your CTA’s (calls to action) you’ll just be wasting time – loads of time!

The order in which you prepare articles varies for everyone. Some people already know what they are going to sell and who they are going to sell it to, and just need to apply article writing process to market it.

Generally speaking, before you even think about writing any article, you should consider the nature/attitude of your target audience. Your article must be written on their reading level and appropriate in every other way, including appropriate length, calls to action, resource boxes etc.

You should spend ‘sufficient’ time (two hours – or two days) to find the best keywords to ensure that your articles attract the most clicks as possible.

After you’ve figured out and analysed your keywords, finding a ‘quality’ and high converting product to promote during and at the close of your article is usually the next step followed by finding a suitable affiliate offer which allows you to maximise the traffic generated by the article.

People do not buy like they used to!

Nowadays, people will not buy just any old rubbish (as they did in the 90’s) and there are money back guarantees from most sites, especially for digital products from sites like Clickbank, and if you create a call to action for a piece of crappy software that is probably free somewhere else on the internet, people will either just not buy, or go through the refund process, resulting in returned sales!

Article marketing is still an effective method of promoting any website. Calls to action can just direct readers to a website (for whatever reason) and the website can do the rest. Results are rarely immediate though and although ‘desperate’ markets (acne, illness etc.) can speed up the process, generally speaking, you have to allow sufficient time for articles to become indexed and ranking well before traffic starts to become regular. (Buying traffic accepted).

Research is critical to success

Market research is critical to developing good and suitable content that article readers will relate to and put hem in the frame of mind where they will act on CTA’s.

The more you are able to connect with your audience, the higher the potential profits will be. That applies to everything.

When using article platforms such as Hubspot or Ezines, it is crucial that their guidelines are adhered to. They are all quite strict nowadays and any articles not passing their rules will be returned for editing.

Increasing the potential

As article writing improves, accepted formats (for maximising particular sales areas) will soon become apparent and these should be utilised as much as possible.

Also, as more money becomes available, more articles can be outsourced to professionals, which should further increase sales potential. Everything from the content to professionally designed landing pages can be outsourced.


 p.s. And when you’re writing articles… spell correctly!!


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