Who are WebMorf?


We are a small team of dedicated professional IT business consultants currently based in the UK and India who believe in providing high quality services in a hype free manner. Our combined professional experience spans over 85 years and includes expert knowledge in the following areas:

HTML, HTML5, XML, CSS, CSS3, PHP, MySQL, CakePHP, JS, JSON, JQuery, Ajax, WordPress, Joomla, CodeIgniter, OPenCart, E-Commerce, Magento, VirtueMart, Zend, and Android and iPhone applications.

Over our time in this industry, we have built up many relationships and we currently have at our immediate disposal over 30 of the best global IT and business consultants in the business.


At WebMorf no project is too big… or small!


We pride ourselves on our ability to undertake any job from the smallest of tasks, such as writing small snippets of code, for example, to make social media mouse-overs work or to position some content for mobile viewing etc. to full bespoke website CMS/eCommerce systems. We design and create personal websites through to professional multi-lingual sites and everything in between.

We can build these from an idea and develop as we go along, or we can build to your exact specific requirements down to the last pixel and always advise along the way as to the best way ahead.


Why should you choose us?


We pride ourselves on our professionalism, our affordability and our straight forward, hype free manner of working.  We tell it like it is… If we think a project will not be effective for any reason we will tell you from the beginning.  So many times, we see clients who have been led up the garden path on projects that were never going to reach fruition.


WebMorf and social media


We have Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and Facebook accounts but we rarely use them.  Do you realise how time consuming social media is?  There is a fine balance between spending time just for the sake of social media and spending effective ROI social media time, however, we advise the implementation and integration of all appropriate social media accounts into all new website projects.