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Internet marketing A-Ha! Moments

A-Ha! moments(A.K.A.  So that’s how you do it!!)

Often, when you start internet marketing, you have all these great ideas about what you’re going to do, how you’re going to do it and all thoughts like that, and it’s great to have plans and ideas, but sometimes, these ideas are so far off the mark or just overly complicated that they are never going to work!

And how do you find out they don’t work?

After you’ve been banging away for weeks (months even) and no cash has come in…

This is the point when many become disillusioned, give it all up and go back to their 9 -5!

But for the ones who keep going…

There comes a time when something just clicks and you get a feeling which is a mix of:  A-Ha!, Oh God I’m stupid!, why didn’t I think of that in the first place?  and I’ve cracked it now!

And this is a great moment!!

A-Ha! moments move us forward and if you keep on going, trying other marketing methods and blueprints, as time goes by and you’re still ‘cracking on’ (and picking up hints and tips along the way) you’ll get more A-Ha! moments – and these are the moments which will boost your income!

If only you could have known all these things at the beginning?

The problem is; unless you are going to pay to be led-by-the-hand by an experienced successful marketer (very expensive), or you’re going to spend months (years even) reading every ebook on every marketing strategy, the only way you are going to get an A-Ha! moment is by experience.  That is, ‘time spent’ doing the job.

So, to shorten your learning curve, this page contains ‘snippets of wisdom’ which may just provide that ‘moment’ you’ve been looking for… and if you think carefully about them and apply them to your own circumstances, it could make all the difference.

Some may seem simple or obvious, or even pointless, but we all have our own ‘A-Ha! moments’ and an A-Ha! moment is only an A-Ha! moment if you perceive it as that!

Two people can read the same statement and it could totally change ones lifestyle but mean absolutely nothing to the other.

Each to his own A-Ha! moment!

OK, enough A-Ha’s!!  Lets read some…



CPC costs don’t matter if there’s no competition!


The opt-in box code comes from the autoresponder software, the Buy Now button comes from PayPal!


Getting traffic to your site is great, but pointless if you haven’t monetised it!  Everything in the right order!


Great sites are sites that contain information that people want to read and still make money.  Anyone can make a site, but few can make a great site that contains all the prerequisites for making money!


Great content is an asset, not an expense.  As it grows in size, it grows in value… unlike advertising, which stops working when you stop spending!


Don’t link straight to an affiliate page, link to a page on your own site – which redirects to the affiliate page!


Fed up of going into the HTML side of WordPress just to get rid of the line-space between two lines?  Just hold the ‘SHIFT’ button while you press enter!  Job Done!


Got your own moment??

Add it in the comments below.  You can even include your name and your website URL – great back-links from a ranking site!


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